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Resources 101

Human’s visual cortex is highly evolved. Because of this, this entry intends to summarise all those youtube channels that could be of further help either in MRI analysis or statistics. Please let me know if anyone is missing from the list.

MRI analysis

Andrew Jahn. Very accessible start-to-finish tutorials ranging from structural to functional MRI. He currently holds a position at the University of Michigan as a Research Lab Specialist. His blog also worths the visit.

Jeannette Mumford. Useful, understandable, and detailed lessons on matrix algebra, general linear models, and basics in statistics that you need to know. What is more, it is also focused on preprocessing of neuroimaging data. Jeannette Mumford also has a tumblr where she posts very interesting Q&A discussions. She is an Associate Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

mathetal. So far, the youngest channel of the three. This one is dedicated, but not limited, to neuroimaging as well. There are exciting tutorials in Freesurfer latest features, such as measuring hippocampal, amygdala, and brainstem subfields.

Justin O’Brien. Although I have barely used SPM during my PhD, this channel provides excellent tutorials on almost every feature that you need to account for. He runs a very interesting blog as well. Justin O’Brien is a Lecturer at the Deparment of Life Sciences at Brunel University.

CONN. This is the CONN’s official youtube channel, which is by far the most user-friendly SPM-based toolbox for functional connectivity analysis on the planet. This software is gradually increasing in popularity.

Freesurfer. The official Freesurfer’s youtube channel. It offers very useful lectures in troubleshooting data and other features.


Josh Starmer. I LOVE Stat Quest. Helpful and funny, this videos will lecture you in essential and basic statistical concepts. Josh Starmer is an Assistant Professor at UNC-Chappel Hill.

how2stats. Excellent as well, this youtube channel will give you the ABC on statistical analyses using SPSS without a heavy-mathematical language. The author also has a blog listing all the tutorials conveniently.

Andy Field. What can I say? He has written the most hilarious manual in statistics on earth. Equally cheerful and taughtful. Lessons accessible for everyone in statistical analyses. Andy Field is a Professor in Quantitative Methods at the University of Sussex.